Introducing Jamie Janett Eason, a vibrant local talent hailing from Belmont Shore, Long Beach, CA. Embracing her roots, Jamie has seamlessly integrated into the dynamic artistic landscape of Alf's Body Art Studio as a dedicated tattoo apprentice. We are thrilled to welcome her to our creative family!

 From the early days of childhood, Jamie's passion for art was evident. At the tender age of 4, she envisioned a life adorned with creativity and entrepreneurship. Now, as a blossoming tattoo artist, Jamie's journey is one of rapid progression. Keep a close watch as she skillfully navigates the world of tattooing with finesse and dedication.

Art has been Jamie's constant companion throughout her life. As a versatile artist, she consistently seeks novel avenues to express her unique vision. From teaching art to children to enchanting visitors at Disneyland with her face painting skills in 2004, Jamie's trajectory has been nothing short of captivating. Beyond her role as a tattoo apprentice at Alf's, she's the proud owner of Paint on your Face, a thriving face painting company. Additionally, Jamie showcases her creativity through handmade leggings and a stunning array of fine art and designs, easily accessible on her Instagram. 

Jamie, a mother of two energetic boys, is also a devoted wife, artist, and entrepreneur. Amidst the joys of motherhood, she has embarked on a new chapter as a budding tattoo artist. Her drive and determination are unmistakable, as she fearlessly expands her artistic ventures. Always on the cusp of something incredible, Jamie invites you to join her on this remarkable journey. Support her progress by getting a tattoo, and be a part of the evolving narrative of a passionate and driven woman.