Introducing Alf, the mastermind behind Alf's Body Art Studio in Belmont Shore, Long Beach, CA. 

Alf's artistic journey began early, as he found solace and passion in doodling during school, much to the chagrin of his teachers. Growing up in the vibrant 80s, his sketchbook was adorned with pop culture icons like Bart Simpson, Super Mario, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Immersed in skateboarding and BMX culture, Alf, accompanied by the sounds of Guns N' Roses on his walkman, embraced a creative spirit that would shape his future.

At 17, Alf ventured into the world of tattoos with a small gecko, marking the beginning of his lifelong fascination with ink. Becoming a regular client of Gerard Kuninski from Austria, he cultivated his appreciation for the art form. Alf's artistic journey continued as he obtained a degree in digital art, subsequently delving into the world of airbrushing. Influenced by airbrush artists Kent Lind and Terry Hill, he seamlessly incorporates airbrushing principles into his vibrant and dynamic color tattoo art.

Choosing to pursue tattooing full-time, Alf embarked on a hands-on learning experience in busy street shops, attending seminars, and participating in tattoo expos across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. His journey took a serendipitous turn when he met his future wife in Los Angeles in 2016, leading him to settle in Orange County after the birth of his son in 2018.

Today, Alf takes immense pride in unveiling Alf's Body Art Studio, a haven for tattoo enthusiasts seeking personalized, illustrative, and colorful designs. Specializing in a diverse range from Japanese motifs to animated creations and lifelike portraits, Alf's work reflects his profound passion for the art of tattooing. His dedication to hygiene, combined with his artistic prowess, ensures that every client leaves with a unique piece of body art to cherish for a lifetime.


ALF CUELLAR Long Beach, California

Instagram: @alf_cuellar 



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