Courtney, born and raised in Sacramento, harbors a profound passion for evoking emotions and fostering a sense of grounding, connection, calmness, and empowerment in others, drawing inspiration from the principles of sacred geometry found in nature.

With a college education in art, Courtney spent a decade immersed in painting before a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity emerged—an apprenticeship with her favorite tattoo artist. Now firmly established in the realm of tattooing, she aspires to travel the world, leaving an enduring artistic legacy.

Recognized as the quintessential art enthusiast from a young age, Courtney consistently found joy in artistic pursuits. Her most influential artist is unequivocally MC Escher, and she draws inspiration from her mentor, tattoo artist Corey Divine, whose influence has shaped her artistic journey since high school.

Upon completing her mentorship, Courtney set her sights on Alf's Body Art Studio, captivated by its atmosphere. Now, she is part of the extraordinary team at Alf's, working alongside talented artists and contributing her unique flair to the studio's creative environment.


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