ALF CUELLAR Long Beach, California

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Alf cuellar ownder of alfsbodyart studio in long beach

About Me: I am a proud tattoo artist and the owner of a vibrant studio located in beautiful Long Beach, California. With a creative spirit and a penchant for illustrative cartoon-style tattoos, my mission is to infuse color and whimsy into my clients' lives. I have dedicated myself to this craft for 13 years, consistently delivering imaginative and full-color tattoos that tell stories and bring joy to those who wear them.

Tattoo Style: My specialty lies in the realm of illustrative style tattoos. I revel in the opportunity to transform ideas and characters into lively, full-color creations. These tattoos often feature bold lines, vivid colors, and a touch of playfulness, making them an ideal choice for anyone looking to add a touch of whimsy to their skin.

Book Your Appointment: If you're ready to turn your creative ideas into a vibrant illustrative cartoon-style tattoo that reflects your personality and brings joy, I'd love to be your artist. To book an appointment, please get in touch via email or direct message on Instagram, or visit my website for more information and to explore my portfolio. Let's embark on a colorful, imaginative journey together.




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